How to help refugees in Bangladesh 2018 – Rohingya Refugees Crisis

Who are the Rohingya? Why did they flee Myanmar?

The Rohingya people belong to a Muslim ethnic minority group of about 1 million people in Myanmar, which has a total population of 52 million. They live in the country’s northern Rakhine state that borders Bangladesh and India. The Rohingya were not among the 135 officially recognized ethnic groups included in Myanmar’s 2014 census. Essentially stateless, the Rohingya consider themselves under threat, without recourse to legal redress.

how to help rohingya refugees in bangladesh

History of the Rohingya refugees :

Year 1948: After Burma’s independence from British rule, a Muslim rebellion erupts in Rakhine state, with people demanding equal rights and an autonomous area. The rebellion is eventually defeated.

Year 1962: Military rule begins in Burma.

Year 1977 to 1978: Some 200,000 ethnic Muslims identifying as Rohingya flee to refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Year 1982 : A new citizenship law identifies 135 national ethnic groups, excluding the Rohingya, effectively rendering them stateless.

Year 1989 to 1991: A military crackdown follows a popular uprising. Burma is renamed Myanmar. An additional 250,000 refugees flee to Bangladesh.

Year 1992: The Myanmar and Bangladesh governments agree to repatriate refugees. Hundreds of thousands of people return to Myanmar over several years.

Year 2003: Two of 20 refugee camps remain in Bangladesh. U.N. studies show widespread malnutrition in the camps.

Year 2012: Religious violence flares in Rakhine, leaving many people homeless. More than 100,000 people flee to Malaysia.

Year 2014: In Myanmar’s first census in 30 years, the Rohingya are still not included as an ethnic group.

Year 2016: Military action follows an attack on a border post in which police offers were killed. During the crackdown, about 87,000 people fled to Bangladesh.

Year 2017 : Escalated violence, genocide going on at Myanmar…

August : Violence increases in Rakhine state among ethnic groups and Myanmar military forces, triggering a massive exodus of people to Bangladesh.
September : The U.N. refugee agency declares the Myanmar refugee crisis to be a major emergency and scales up its response.
October : More than 600,000 refugees have arrived in Bangladesh.
November : Myanmar and Bangladesh agree to start repatriating refugees within the next two months.
Year 2018 : Facing insecurity

January : The agreed start date for repatriation passes without action.
April : U.N. Security Council envoys visit Myanmar and Bangladesh to observe needs and conditions.
April to October : Monsoon and cyclone seasons increase hazards for refugees living in stick-and-bamboo tents in camps.

After Ginocide Most of the rohinga have fled to Bangladesh : 

Since 25 August 2017  about 700,000 people from Myanmar have fled to Bangladesh because of extreme violence in northern Rakhine state, on the country’s western Bay of Bengal coast. Myanmar army applying genocide to the myanmar innocent Muslim people. Most of the Myanmar refugees identify as Rohingya, a Muslim minority ethnic group, in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. Flooding into camps near the town of Cox’s Bazar, they joined more than 200,000 people who escaped to Bangladesh years earlier.

Aid agencies are struggling to adequately serve 1.3 million people who are dependent on aid, including those in local communities. Monsoon rains and the likelihood of cyclones from April to October threaten the lives of refugee families in the squalid, overcrowded camps, including almost half a million children.

Most of the refugees brought little with them and are dependent on humanitarian aid for shelter, food, clothing, and healthcare. During the monsoon season, they face possible floods and landslides as well as disease outbreaks due to poor sanitation. Know more from Ref. worldvision


Bangladeshi rohinga people are so much helpless. After a lot of help from other country they are not stable so far. They are so far from proper education, leaving opportunity, sanitation and health. Most of the agency are trying to recover the problem, but it takes long time. Need more help for them. They can get food, health and proper education by your help. I am so near of Rohingya people. Due to poorness I am unable to help huge rohingya people. But if you help them, I can send your help to them. 

In the world most of the people want STOP GENOCIDE ROHINGYA, But no result. Now we want solution and need safe and secured help for Rohingya People. Current donation is not available, Need more help. 

How to help refugees in Bangladesh


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How to help refugees in Bangladesh 2018

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