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How to write an article for website – A complete guidelines about free article for website

Are you want to write article for your website, amazon affiliate niche site or any other platform like google adsense targeted website. Then you have to know how to write article without plagarism. You can write an article with existing article by using these following method. Lets see :


You can use Microsoft word for Rewrite sentences without changing the meaning. Because microsoft word have a synonym option where you can change it, in this way your article meaning will remain unchange. It will be plagarism free article also.

How to write an article


Now a days people are using many kinds of article writing software for free article rewriter. You have to use best article rewriter software for it. Here is the best article re writer software



Small seo tools article rewriter option will give the opportunity to rewrite an article. But you have to more edit by changing synonym of the word of this article.  In this way you can write article. See now Small seo tools article rewiter.



This way is the best way to write article for you website. For google adsense website, for amazon affiliate niche and and for any other informative website. If an Article writer write article without using any software then it will be 100% unique and 100% natural. This article will generate huge value at online. Google will give high priority such article, where spinner article can not do this.

Artcle rewriter 2018


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